Casa del Sorbo PN

Superficie calpestabile: 114,49 m2

+ Interrato: 117,64 m 2

Superficie lorda        298,52 m2

Volumetria                 1.094,64 m3

Altezza                        7,22 m


Casa del Sorbo PN

Attractive, modern house with a basement of an exhausting functional program. It creates a living room with fireplace and exit to the covered terrace, dining room placed in the glass bay window and open kitchen with pantry. On the other side of the house placed a sleeping area, which consists of three comfortable bedrooms and a bathroom. Next to the front door is designed descend to the basement. At the bottom was located in a boiler room, large laundry and utility rooms. The building of simple design with a fresh style. The vast, referring to the current trends in color enlivens the facade of lump and makes the building stand out originality.

1. Ingresso 3,21
2. Corridoio 6,36
3. Hall 4,89
4. Disimpegno 3,41
5. Camera 12,29
6. Bagno 6,12
7. Camera 14,31
8. Camera 15,77
9. Soggiorno + Sala pranzo 32,77
10. Cucina 11,72
11. Ripostiglio 1,77
12. Toilette 1,86
1. Corridoio 13,34
2. Ripostiglio 5,30
3. Sala termica 30,83
4. Lavanderia 16,80




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