Casa del Sorbo 8N

Superficie calpestabile: 106,76 m2

+ Sala termica: 4,67 m 2

Superficie lorda         144,14 m 2

Volumetria                  772,00 m 3

Altezza                        6,88 m


Casa del Sorbo 8N

Project-story house, in which the input was highlighted interesting and spectacular roof lining, which attract attention. The living area is a very bright living room with a terrace, open kitchen lit corner window from which we have direct access to the pantry. The project house has three comfortable bedrooms, a bathroom, boiler room with furnished laundry, the lobby lounge is also a guest toilet.

Well-designed room provide rich functional program in the small area. Projects of houses in the style of a simple lump in the remarkable, impressive coat.

1. Ingresso 3,84
2. Sala termica 4,67
3. Hall 5,24
4. Corridoio 4,07
5. Camera 12,04
6. Bagno 6,34
7. Camera 14,27
8. Camera 15,85
9. Soggiorno + Sala pranzo 29,79
10. Cucina 11,66
11. Ripostiglio 2,06
12. Toilette 1,60




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