Casa del Sorbo 16

Superficie calpestabile: 114,32 m2

+ Seminterrato: 112,55 m 2

Superficie lorda        298,13 m2

Volumetria                 1.144,56 m3

Altezza                        7,22 m


Casa del Sorbo 16

Modern house with a classic block, with an interesting roof entrance and terrace. Bay windows were accentuated with stone cladding and glazing large attractive open house in the garden. A daily zone is a spacious and bright living room and dining room placed in a glass bay window. The seating area has a place to rest in front of a fireplace and a home theater. Large door to the covered terrace pergola brightens the space, and directly connects the house with a garden. The advantage of the open kitchen is a large amount of worktops and a practical breakfast bar. Her program complements handy pantry.Private area residents is available from a separate hall, which can easily slip by installing additional doors. It houses the master bedroom, two children’s rooms and a spacious bathroom. Economic zone as a whole was located in the basement. Besides the garage designed here for solid fuel boiler room with space for fuel storage, laundry facilities and large-sized utility room. Built staircase separates this area from the residential part of the house.

1. Ingresso 3,21
2. Scala 6,36
3. Hall 4,89
4. Disimpegno 3,35
5. Camera 12,29
6. Bagno 6,33
7. Camera 14,27
8. Camera 15,77
9. Soggiorno + Sala pranzo 32,50
10. Cucina 11,72
11. Ripostiglio 1,77
12. Toilette 1,86
1. Corridoio 13,34
2. Ripostiglio 5,30
3. Sala termica 30,83
4. Lavanderia 16,80
5. Garage 22,52




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