Casa dell' Achebia

Superficie calpestabile: 99,17 m2

+ Garage: 22,03 m 2
+ Sala termica: 6,25 m 2

Superficie lorda         166,24 m 2

Volumetria                  772,97 m 3

Altezza                         6,42 m


Casa dell' Achebia

Impressive, storey house with a rich program of interesting and functional design solutions. From the vestibule we go directly to the zone day: the living room with fireplace, dining area and exit to the garden. Attractive house is also a large, semi-open to the living room, comfortable kitchen. The sleeping house has been divided into a zone of parents and children zone. A separate living area for children is equipped with a private bathroom. On the other side of the living room, in depth, localized parents’ bedroom is also equipped with its own bathroom. Available with vestibule boiler room, garage and additional toilet complement part of the business house. Curious, artfully arranged house with a clear division into day and night. Thanks to the large glazing façade cladding using stone walls and original to detail the architectural shape of the building becomes attractive, modern character. .

1. Ingresso 8,84
2. Cucina 12,36
3. Camera 11,00
4. Bagno 4,26
5. Camera 10,41
6. Disimpegno 2,37
7. Soggiorno + Sala pranzo 30,03
8. Camera 11,99
9. Disimpegno 1,43
10. Bagno 4,81
11. Toilette 1,67
12. Sala termica + Lavanderia 6,25
13. Garage 22,03




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