Casa dell' Achebia 6

Superficie calpestabile: 126,4 m2

+ Sala termica: 4,66 m 2
+ Garage: 22,75 m 2

Superficie lorda         208,09 m 2

Volumetria                  1.177,46 m 3

Altezza                        7,84 m


Casa dell' Achebia 6

Modern design house storey, the functional program was enriched with large loft with the possibility of adaptation in the second stage. Stylishly decorated facades with wooden cladding and subdued colors of plaster. Large, covered terrace overlooking the garden is a quiet and attractive seating area in the fresh air and ejected garage on the front elevation allowed for the creation of a practical roof over the entrance. The spacious living area is the perfect place for a common holiday for the whole family. Comfortable seating area is a corner couch in front of home theater and fireplace, placed next to a large family table. Open kitchen, lit a panoramic window, a large number of work stations, practical pantry with space for freezer and functional kitchen breakfast. A daily zone is optically increased by elevated above the living room ceiling. The master bedroom is designed as a separate apartment available from the lobby – with a bright dressing room and bathroom, and place on a large wall closet. On the other side of the living room are two children’s bedrooms and a bathroom. The large vestibule with the function of clothing go to the economic area – laundry, garage and boiler solid fuel with a separate exit. Home design perfect for the plot, which records local zoning plans exclude roof slope below 35 degrees. House in akebiach 6 belongs to the popular family of projects that small space are rich functional program, also includes the popular categories: projects storey houses , modern and projects of small houses .

1. Ingresso 5,25
2. Lavanderia 6,81
3. Garage 22,75
4. Sala termica 4,66
5. Bagno 6,77
6. Guardaroba 3,88
7. Camera 18,35
8. Toilette 1,54
9. Hall 4,16
10. Soggiorno 33,61
11. Disimpegno 3,72
12. Camera 10,72
13. Bagno 4,69
14. Camera 12,00
15. Cucina 12,03
16. Ripostiglio 2,87




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