Casa Aralia

Superficie calpestabile: 128,79 m2

+ Sala termica: 10,53 m 2
+ Garage: 19,12 m 2

Superficie lorda         202,05 m 2

Volumetria                  1103,32 m 3

Altezza                        6,92 m


Casa Aralia

Modern bungalow with a comfortable layout of rooms. Glazing placed in the gable walls and accented detail elevation bay windows give a block of contemporary character. The main entrance emphasizes the extended roof at the same time protecting them from rain and wind. A daily zone is a spacious and bright living room with a terrace, for a home theater and a fireplace. Near the corner of the window provides dining area connected with open kitchen breakfast bar. Private household zone is 2 children’s rooms, located at the end of the corridor master bedroom with dressing room and two bathrooms.Large windows beautifully light to the room. In the economic located boiler room and a garage. All these zones are available from a large vestibule.

Well-designed room provide rich functional program in the small area. Projects of houses in the style of a simple lump in the remarkable, impressive coat.

1. Ingresso 9,10
2. Corridoio 15,63
3. Ripostiglio 3,02
4. Cucina 11,79
5. Soggiorno 33,98
6. Bagno 4,60
7. Camera 10,61
8. Camera 10,62
9. Bagno 8,02
10. Guardaroba 5,10
11. Camera 16,32
12. Garage 19,12
13. Sala termica 10,53




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