Casa Bonsai

Superficie calpestabile: 113,48 m2

+ Sala termica: 6,44 m2
+ Garage: 21,09 m2

Superficie lorda         185,76 m 2

Volumetria                  926,15 m 3

Altezza                        6,21 m


Casa Bonsai

The essence of this project is to open the ground-floor home garden both zones daily, and bedroom all household members. Layout of the building designed in the shape of the letter L, has enabled an interesting arrangement of the terrace and create a cozy corner there, and the inside has created a natural division into day and a quiet, separate sleeping area with additional doors. In addition to the wide exit from the living room to the terrace we can go directly from the kitchen and rooms located along the garden wall. Simple design, resignation from the ceilings and stairs had a positive impact on reducing the cost of the project home. Economic base of the boiler on solid fuel located near the garage. Modern, comfortable house with a light form of architecture.With harmoniously matching colors of white and shades of gray, simple form and ingenious integrated with the garden, it is a characteristic and distinctive proposal for Projects storey houses .

Well-designed room provide rich functional program in the small area. Projects of houses in the style of a simple lump in the remarkable, impressive coat.

1. Ingresso 4,58
2. Garage 21,09
3. Sala termica 6,44
4. Soggiorno 32,64
5. Hall 9,82
6. Cucina 10,09
7. Camera 8,75
8. Camera 8,75
9. Camera 13,20
10. Guardaroba 5,16
11. Disimpegno 6,84
12. Bagno 7,31
13. Lavanderia 3,24
14. Bagno 3,10




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