Casa Gardenia

Superficie calpestabile: 103,00 m2

+ Sala termica: 3,96 m2
+ Garage: 33,93 m2

Superficie lorda        182,73 m2

Volumetria                 922,69 m3

Altezza                        6,65 m


Casa Gardenia

A small bungalow with a double garage, clearly divided into day and a private household. With spacious living room through two exit to the covered terrace with fireplace, where you can spend a nice time with family and friends. Attractive feature of the house is a two-sided fireplace in the living room, which can also be used on the covered terrace. The spacious kitchen has been designed in the bay, which has gained quite a unique space that can become the heart of the house. In a closed private area we designed three bedrooms, a large bathroom and boiler room.

1. Ingresso 2,91
2. Bagno 3,47
3. Cucina 11,79
4. Soggiorno + Sala pranzo 42,01
5. Corridoio 5,83
6. Camera 10,74
7. Camera 10,98
8. Camera 10,99
9. Sala termica 3,96
10. Bagno 4,28
11. Garage 33,93




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