Casa Citrine

Superficie calpestabile: 110,48 m2

+ Sala termica: 7,82 m2
+ Garage: 34,56 m2

Superficie lorda         194,69 m 2

Volumetria                  946,02 m 3

Altezza                         6,63 m


Casa Citrine

Story house designed for a narrow plot. The house is characterized by economic use of usable space. Rozplanowując room retains compact arrangement while ensuring that the life zone hospitable home does not disturb the peace of people vacationing. At the entrance was placed kitchen connects with the dining and living area; extensive glazing facing terrace bay window more attractive place. The rooms of children, parents’ room with a wardrobe and a private bathroom located inside the house. The entire complement boiler room with a laundry room, garage for two cars and a separate guest toilet. The horizontal elevation drawing, finished with natural materials, details, give the building a unique, yet modern character.

Well-designed room provide rich functional program in the small area. Projects of houses in the style of a simple lump in the remarkable, impressive coat.

1. Ingresso 4,58
2. Hall 21,09
3. Cucina 6,44
4. Sala pranzo 32,64
5. Soggiorno 9,82
6. Bagno 10,09
7. Camera 8,75
8. Guardaroba 8,75
9. Camera 13,20
10. Camera 5,16
11. Sala termica 6,84
12. Toilette 7,31
13. Garage 3,24




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